by Dariya Susak
I'm a 27 years old Graphic Designer from Moscow (Russia) currently based in Berlin. I've been working in the field of visual arts of any kind (static and motion) as well as production organization. I prefer working with challenging tasks as they help me to reach a highter level of proficiency.
Bombki is a company that sells handmade Christmas decorations. Made in Poland by Soviet art.


Made of Air
MadeofAir are architects, researchers and design-manufacturers. Their projects focus on the initiation and development of climate ornament for architecture. They are using a facade product that is composed of 70% biochar – it is a carbon-negative building material. The main idea of the C.I. is a combination of geometrical buildings and arrows. The buildings are colored with gradient, that mean the dirty air is getting clean again. The arrows remind visualisation of Weather Patterns, that shows move of air.


Battery recycle service Boxy. The carton box can be transformed into a batteries receiver and can be installed in an office, shop or co-working space. After filling Boxy with batteries it transformed back into a qube form to make transportation simpler.


Textil design for fashion designer Asya Solovyeva. Spring 2016 collection.


Heckendalheim 1342
Craft alcohol drink made of Turnera diffusa (damiana) herb and honey. The story behind the brand: Heckendalheim is the hometown of the producer of the drink. As he said: "The most famous human in my city was my grandfather". We decide to put the portrait of his father with his quote on the first and second editions of the bottles. Each bottle is unique and has a number, that producer stamps by hand.

MegaFon is Russian integrated telecommunications operator that holds leading positions in the telecommunications market of Russia and the world. This illustrations were made for an interactive game from Mefagon, which imitates Psychological testing. As a result the customer receives an offer that fits to his Psychotype.
The poster was made for Rundgang exhibition for Experimental film class (prof. Nina Fischer) by University of Applied Arts.
Retailmedia Group
An innovative advertising products based on exclusive retail data. RMG is a corporate venture of CECONOMY AG

Vinyl and CD cover design, social media covers (soundcloud, facebook, bandcamp) for indie-rock band Lasa Copilu


Vinyl and CD cover design, social media covers (soundcloud, facebook, twitter) for bass producer Zemon

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